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The book is written in a cookbook style. Each recipe focuses on a particular concept in the WebAssembly world. Almost every recipe is focused on an example and the source code is attached with it.

Part 1 focuses on the basics of WebAssembly, WebAssembly Text Format, onboarding and using various tools like WABT, Binaryen.

Chapter 1 gives a brief introduction to LLVM. What it is and how to use it.

Chapter 2 introduces you into the emscripten world. Emscripten is a toolchain that helps to convert C/C++ into WebAssembly module. We will see how to install and manage the emscripten toolchain. Create our first WebAssembly module and run it on the browser and Node environment.

Chapter 3 explores the WebAssembly module, how the module is made and what are the different sections. We will also explore the WebAssembly Text Format and how to write WebAssembly Text Format and convert it to WebAssembly binary.

Chapter 4 explores how to install and use WebAssembly Binary Toolkit (WABT).

Chapter 5 explores various section inside the WebAssembly binary and what are its purpose.

Chapter 6 explores how to install and use Binaryen.

Part 2 focuses on converting Rust to WebAssembly for fast, reliable code to run on the JavaScript Engine. Find out various ways of sharing data between Rust and WebAssembly. Explore how to use various tools that Rust and WebAssembly ecosystem provides.

Chapter 7 starts with Rust and various ways to convert Rust into WebAssembly module and ends with wasm_bindgen.

Chapter 8 focuses on how wasm bindgen along with crates like js-sys, web-sys helps to share entities from the WebAssembly world to JavaScript world.

Chapter 9 explores wasm-pack and how it makes it easy to build Rust and WebAssembly application.

Chapter 10 explores some Rust and WebAssembly examples.

Chapter 11 briefly introduces WebAssembly System Interface (WASI) and various ways to run WASI.

Buy RustWasm book

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