Apr 2, 2020

9 ways to level up your browser devtool skills

Upgrade your devtools

This is a list of amazing things that browsers can help you with while developing web applications.

1. Colors

Wondering 🤔, What is the hex code for that rgb value? Chrome provides an easy way to get it. Open DevTools and shift + click on the color(swatch) to see their corresponding hex | rgb | hsl value.

Alt Text

2. Animation

Wondering how to tweak the animation? Use the animation editor in the devtools.

You can choose animation timing from a set of pre-defined functions.

Alt Text

You can slow down the animation and play with it to understand/debug how it works.

Alt Text

3. Shadow Editor

Shadows are tricky. Master box/text-shadow using the inline editor.

Alt Text

4. Command tool

Chrome provides Command tool to access files / actions. Use Cmd + Shift + P inside the Dev tools to open the Command tool.

Alt Text

5. Coverage

Check your CSS coverage.

Alt Text

Open Command tool and search for coverage.

6. Rendering

Wondering about the FPS, Layout / Paint in the page.

Alt Text

Open Command tool and search for rendering.

7. Emulate dark mode

Use the emulator to switch between dark and light mode.

Alt Text

8. Sensors

If you are creating an application that requires location based user experience, then you can use the sensors to change the location.

Alt Text

To open sensors, press cmd + shift + p and then type sensors to open the show sensors.

9. Short cut keys :)

Go straight to Address/Search bar using cmd + L.

Navigate through the tabs using ctrl + tab

Navigate tabs with the tab numbers ctrl + num-key. Go to the last tab using ctrl + 1. Go to the last tab using ctrl + 9.

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